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Travel Advice and FAQ



1) Do I need a travel permit?

Yes, every foreigner that wishes to travel inside the Tibetan Autonomous Region needs to have valid permit, even long term residents and work permit holders.

2) How do I get one?

Young Pioneer Tibet deal with all aspects of arranging your travel permit, and touch wood have never had one refused, or late so far.

3) Can I have an independent tour in Tibet?

No! Currently all tours in Tibet need to be as part of a group. That being said Tibet is not the DPRK, and you are free to take cabs, visit clubs, restaurants and travel around the city you are in. Most tourist attractions do requite you to have a guide though.

4) What currency do I need?

RMB is the currency of choice and ease, but major currencies such as USD, or Euro are easily changed.

5) Am I insured?

Legally all travel companies, including all agents we use have to have liability insurance. The details of which we would gladly provide. That being said when traveling anywhere it is prudent to have your own travel insurance.

6) Are the streets safe?

The streets are wonderfully safe, although being a busy city full of tourists there are pick pockets, so take care of your things as you would anywhere.

7) Will I get altitude sickness?

Generally young, strong people should not be too bothered by altitude sickness, although the higher you go the more likely you are to get it. Taking some medicine is never a bad idea, but if you feel it, just take it easy for a day.

8) What are Tibetans like?

Tibetans are very friendly, and generally quite religious, so talk freely with them whilst respecting their religion. Please keep in mind that Tibetans could potentially get in trouble for talking about sensitive issues. That being said if they bring it up feel free to engage them.

9) What cultural things should I keep in mind?

There are many respect issues related to temples, praying etc, but your local guide will let you know what these are.

10) Should I tip?

Tipping in bars and restaurants is not the done thing in China, but your guides  and driver, not only expect, but pretty much deserve it. We usually suggest around 100 RMB per person, given at the end of your tour.

11) But I have so many other questions????

Of course you do! So drop us an e-mail and lets the experts answer for you!